WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. (January 16, 2018) – New York State Senate candidate Sarmad Khojasteh (R) today made the following statement regarding New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Budget Address:

“New York is facing a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall, yet Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget fails to offer New Yorkers a path toward economic growth and fiscal responsibility, and essentially doubles down on the same policies that have led New York to experience nation-leading outmigration since 2010 and to become one of the worst places in the country to do business.

“Albany dysfunction and Albany insiders like Shelley Mayer are to blame, and cannot be trusted to ensure New York becomes a great place to raise a family, start a business, and, ultimately, retire. While the Governor and Democrats seem steadfast on blaming the State’s woes on Washington dysfunction or the recently passed federal tax law, the fact remains that New York has been a high tax state with skyrocketing cost of living for too long. Rather than distracting and deflecting from issues New Yorkers are facing, the Governor and Albany legislators should address the problems and inequities impacting the lives of everyday New Yorkers. That includes the nonsensical formula that results in Westchester schools being deprived school aid in favor of schools in New York City and Long Island, the resulting job losses from the closing of Indian Point, and the cost to taxpayers resulting from culture of rampant corruption in Albany.

“We have a shortfall because we spend too much, and we tax too much. We need independent problem solvers who can get Westchester it’s fair share, stop the outmigration, and find innovative and bipartisan ways fix the significant economic problems that face us.”

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