Raises More Than $125,000 in Six Weeks Before Having Secured GOP Nomination

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. (January 16, 2018) –New York State Senate candidate Sarmad Khojasteh (R) today announced his campaign has broken a fundraising record for a New York State Senate candidate in District 37 by raising more than $125,000 for the January 16 filing.

Sarmad filed paperwork with the New York State Board of Elections officially declaring his candidacy on December 4, 2017. This is the most ever raised by a first-time candidate in this district over a six-week period.

Sarmad’s New York State Board of Elections filing shows a total of $128,555 raised, and $121,996 cash on hand.

“Garnering significant financial support as a first-time candidate before we have the Republican nomination is not easy to do. This is a significant milestone which proves we have the passion and determination to fight to win this race and continue to be a passionate advocate for Westchester residents and working families in Albany. And we are just getting started,” Sarmad said. “My campaign is supported by a diverse coalition of New Yorkers who demand we change the way business is done in Albany. My supporters want an independent-minded, practical problem solver who will put constituents, not partisan politics, first.”

“Today, too many New Yorkers are being closed out of the American Dream because they simply can’t make ends meet, much less create a foundation for financial security that they can build on to get ahead,” Sarmad said. “They are working harder than ever before, but have less and less to show for it.”

“Unfortunately, many of our elected officials seem intent on proposing legislation as a form of protest, or to win political points in a game of partisan ping pong, rather than listening to their constituents and coming up with ideas that would help to solve real problems for the people they serve,” Sarmad continued.

“I am running to represent the 37th New York State Senate District because I believe that by replacing career politicians with independent-minded, practical problem solvers in Albany, we can put the American Dream back within reach of all New Yorkers,” Sarmad said.